What is an App?

Apps allow developers to extend Happeo's functionality in search, pages, and channels

Apps extend Happeo's core functionality. Apps are a great way to create new widgets on pages and channels, or allow integrations with third party services on pages, channels, and search.

Apps are context aware, meaning, they get information from Happeo that allows personalisation based on the logged in user and organisation.

Apps can be restricted to a particular organisation or be published into our app marketplace to share it with all of Happeo.

The installation of an app and its' configuration is managed by the organisation administrator.


An App can have different targets for Happeo functionality that it enhances. Currently three targets are supported:

  • Pages
  • Channels
  • Search


Apps that target page and channels are called widgets. On pages, widgets can be added anywhere and allow the app developer to declare settings, and store content on the page as part of the widget. On channels, widgets can be added to a post, for example to display a video, a form, etc.

We have created a Widget SDK to help accelerate development of widgets. It allows connecting the widget with Happeo's own UI and APIs. The Widget SDK is open sourced on Github. Contributions to the SDK are always welcomed.

We've also created some examples and starting code for you to hit the ground running. You can find the examples and other resources from our Custom Widget Templates repository on Github.

To get started we first need to create a Custom Component Widget in the Happeo admin panel. Click here to start the journey.

Search Connectors

Apps that extend Happeo's federated search are called search connectors.

Currently we allow customers to build their own search connectors. Please contact your customer service manager to get access to the resources of building a search connector app.

App Marketplace

The App marketplace is a place to find apps available to be installed in Happeo. Developers can request their app to be published into the marketplace from their Happeo's admin UI. Go to the Creating a marketplace app page for more information.

We are developing an app ecosystem around Happeo. Developers are welcome to publish apps in our marketplace.

What’s Next