Submitting a marketplace app


  • Working Custom Component Widget
  • Access to Happeo Admin panel

Submitting a marketplace app

To submit a marketplace app, you need to open the App Catalog / Marketplace from the Happeo admin panel. Then select your own apps and create new.

In here you need to add details about your app. These are required fields and if not filled in, the request will not be approved. So make sure that all the required fields are added.

Slug, secret and configuration url

When creating a marketplace app, we give you a new slug and a new secret. Please make sure you use these when submitting the app source.

We also give you the possibility to add a configuration url. This url will be appended with query parameter token=userJwtToken when opened. This makes it possible for you to ask administrators to create organisation level configurations when your app is installed. This configuration can then be used with the widgetSDK.getJWT() to identify the organisation for users who are using the app.

Notes for reviewer

If your app requires instructions, credentials or any other information to be reviewed please include them to the notes section.

Review state

Once the app is submitted into review, it will be reviewed by Happeo engineers on the following aspects:

  • All necessary fields are filled in and working
  • Icons and images are representative and styled nicely
  • The code is not minified
  • The app initialises widgetSDK properly regardless if widgetSDK is used
  • The code is secure and is not doing anything unnecessary
  • The app works as intended with no bugs
  • The app satisfies Happeo's design principles

App rejection

If your app is rejected, you will receive an email and can see the notes left by the reviewer in your app page. You can then fix what is noted and submit to review again.

App approval

If you app is approved it is published to the Marketplace immediately and is now available for all.

Updating your app while it's approved

If your app needs updating, just make changes needed to your app and code and submit it into review. After it is approved the app is updated for all users immediately.