Creating a custom app in admin panel


  • Access to Happeo admin panel

Create the custom widget

  1. Open Custom Widgets from the left side panel and click to create a new custom widget (
  2. Select "Component widget"
  3. Add a descriptive name (this will be eventually visible for page editors)
  4. Click "Add widget"

You now have your custom widget and we can get to work.


Sharing the widget

If you want someone else to develop this widget, this is the time to hit the "Share" -button ton the top right corner and add them as a "Developer". Note that the state of the widget defines who can see it. By default your organisation can see the widget if it is published (Viewers). You can also set testers, which will see the widget when it is in testing -mode.

By managing the sharing settings, you can make sure that the correct people can see this widget in its correct state. Sharing can be done by user, group or by everyone in your organisation.


Developing the widget

Custom Component Widgets allow the possibility to develop the widget from your local development environment (localhost:8080) inside Happeo. This makes development way faster and easier, since you can immediately see the changes you make to the code. After you are happy with the development you can move to the testing phase, but that comes later.

To see how this is done, jump to the next step.