Building a custom embedded widget

Custom widgets are widgets within Pages that allow users (admins) to add third-party applications that integrate with Happeo.

Technical implementation

Custom widgets are pure iframe with data injected to the name -tag and an postMessage listener allowing data requests and resizing. We utilise a JWT to sign context data with a shared secret, so the custom widget can verify that the widget is in fact in Happeo.

Adding to a page

You can add your custom widget to a page by opening the page edit mode. Then clicking a new widget and clicking your custom widget from the menu.



  • Jira widget - Allows listing Jira tickets based on JQL. Can use user primaryEmail to personalise views and uses a centralised authentication to list issues. You can find the example codebase here.
  • SuccessFactors integration - Allows listing of open positions. Can be personalised based on visiting user.
  • Asana Widget - Shows the user's Asana board by tapping into Asana's authentication.